Saving Money on Our Small Business Expenses

We have four employees. My wife and I make up two of them. The other two are my teenage niece and nephew. We clean offices in the evenings. I know how to run a floor buffer on any floor surface, but I am not good at accounting. My wife knows which commercial cleaner to use to get a stain out, but she is not an accountant either. We did not waste money on expensive accounting software and use a check stub maker online instead. This way all four of us have official pay stub documents from our little company, and we do not have to be accounting experts to make them.

Pay stubs are used for all kinds of things. They can prove your employment and be the difference between getting that car loan or not. My niece and nephew are working for us to pay for their vehicles to get them to school every day. They are attending a community college for their first degree and saving for a different university for their masters. They are hard workers, and we have been in business for years. They used to work part time for us when they were younger. We are not planning on growing our business much. We have a few satisfied clients that we can handle with the four of us, and that is enough.

We keep our expenses down and client satisfaction high. We have never lost a contract. We have the same customers we started with years ago. We are earning more as their businesses grow and expand. It is not glamorous work, but it is not backbreaking either. It pays the bills and helps us keep our niece and nephew working while they attend college. We will have to hire a couple of other employees when they go off to the big university. We will still be using the same check stub maker, though, since it is easy, inexpensive and keeps records for us.


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