It Feels Good to Be Back Home

I never imagined myself back in Toledo. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the town where I grew up. I just never thought that my company would open up a distribution center there. When they did, I asked to be transferred there so I could be closer to my family. I saw them a couple of times a year, so I was pretty excited that I would get to see them anytime that I wanted to, once I moved there. I looked at some apartments in Toledo Ohio online, hoping that I would be able to find one as soon as my boss told me that my transfer was approved.

It did not take me long to find Perrys Crossing. This complex is actually not far from where my mom and dad live, which made it even better. I had to decide if I wanted to get a one or two bedroom unit, and I decided that the two bedroom would be better in case I had overnight guests. I was leaving behind a lot of good friends, and I figured that any of them might come out and see me from time to time.

The two bedroom was really nice too. The larger bedroom had an attached bathroom with a lot of storage space. The guest bedroom has a bathroom right across the hall from it, and the washer and dryer hookups are there as well. The living room and dining room are combined in one enormous space. The living room has a nice fireplace, plus it opens out onto a patio that is pretty large. There is also additional storage at the end of the patio. It really is nice, and I know that I am lucky to have found an available unit there. It really feels good to be back home!


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