I Wanted Some Warm Rugs

When I moved into my flat a couple of years ago, I really loved the fact that the floors were hardwood. They were so nice and shiny, and they looked exquisite. However, what I did not know since I had never had hardwood floors before was that they are also very cold at times. I put up with it for a year before I knew that I had to look at some rugs for sale because I just could not stand it any more. I did not want to always wear slippers or socks, so the only alternative was to buy some nice rugs.

I knew that the floors would still look good even with the rugs. I was not looking to cover the entire floor. I just wanted a couple of rugs in the living room, one in my bedroom, and one in the kitchen. I went online to see if I could get a great deal on some rugs since I wanted to buy at least four of them. That is how I found myself at a rug store that is actually not that far from me. I was glad that I was able to do everything online with them though rather than go to the actual store.

I looked at the different styles of rugs that they have. As soon as I saw the shaggy rugs, I knew that was what I wanted. They come in every color imaginable, even orange! That happens to be my favorite color, so I was pretty psyched that I would be able to get an orange shaggy rug for my bedroom. I picked a charcoal rug for the kitchen and a purple one and a silver one for my living room. They all look amazing, and my feet have been a lot warmer since I have gotten them!


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