A New Apartment for a New Family

I was not expecting to become a mom at my age, especially since I wasn’t even married. However, my niece and nephew were having problems with their mother’s newest boyfriend, and they both begged to come live with me. I have always been very close to them, and they regarded me more as their mom than their own mother. When she asked if they could live with me, I had no problem with it at all. I did have to find a new apartment though, which I found after looking at

I only had a one bedroom apartment with one bathroom. I knew that they would not mind shacking up like it was a permanent slumber party, but I wanted them to have stability. I had a feeling that this was going to our new arrangement since their mother was relieved that she no longer had to take care of them. I showed them a three bedroom apartment that I had found, and they both fell in love with it. They would each have a large bedroom and share a bathroom, and I would have my own bedroom and bath too. There is a nice living room and kitchen, plus a balcony that all three of us really liked.

There are so many nice things that are included with our rent too. They have a small beagle puppy, and they were so happy when they found out there is a dog park right on the grounds. There is also a swimming pool, a fitness center, a game room, and so much more. They would not even have to go to a new school since it is still in their school district. I never expected any of this to happen, but I could not be happier that it did. I know they share my sentiment with that!


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