Monthly archives: May 2016

A Bad Time to Forget

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I had a pretty close moment with a giveaway last week. A company that was promoting its new video game decided to give out download codes for the game to the first 20,000 people. All I had to do was log into my Hotmail account and follow a link to get the code. This would…

The Perfect Apartment Layout for Me

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I am a very visual person. That is why I wanted to take my search for apartments in Raleigh NC online, because I knew I would be able to look at pictures of most of the apartment complexes that way. I just did not have time to go to different ones to look at each…

I Picked the Right City to Move to

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I grew up living in the South, but it wasn’t until I visited the Smoky Mountains when I realized that I had found my home. So lush, green and calming. I felt like I was looking into a picture each day that I looked at the area around me. That’s when I decided to look…

It Feels Good to Be Back Home

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I never imagined myself back in Toledo. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the town where I grew up. I just never thought that my company would open up a distribution center there. When they did, I asked to be transferred there so I could be closer to my family. I saw them a couple…


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